Protecting Your Insurance Claim

Property Loss Advisors knows that the process of filing an insurance claim and negotiating a settlement doesn’t always go smoothly. Insurance companies often request additional documentation and can present technical clauses that impact outcomes. Policyholders often misunderstand their coverage and the insurance companies utilize tools to extend the time of final settlement.

You can pursue more aggressive action if your insurance claim is denied; however, your success will be determined largely by the steps that are taken when the claim is prepared and presented early on in the claims process. We recommend you take a proactive approach protecting your claim instead of a reactive approach that often can equate to a reduced settlement or even a denial.

Prepare for a disaster

Ideally, property owners take precautionary measures to protect their insurance claim and plan a response before a disaster occurs. This includes documenting the property’s condition with photographs and/or video; storing important documents in an accessible place that is safe from water, fire and other hazards as well as understanding your responsibilities under the insurance policy. Commercial businesses should implement a disaster plan. Property Loss Advisors pre-loss policy review and inspection service advises if your policy includes adequate coverage and ensures the condition of your property and contents are documented in case of a loss.

Hire an Property Loss Advisors Professional

Doing what is necessary to secure a fair and equitable settlement is easier said than done. Hiring Property Loss Advisors to represent you in the event of a loss can save you both time and aggravation. More importantly, hiring Insurance Doctor ensures that you will receive the full settlement that you are entitled to.

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The Claims Payment Process

Understanding the Insurance Claims Payment Process

Filing an insurance claim is an involved and time-consuming process with little room for error. Many decisions determine the outcome of your insurance claim and your ability to fully recover. With thousands of dollars at stake, the emotional period following a disaster is not the time to learn a complicated process in which the smallest error can cost you.


Does Your Coverage Include Business Interruption?

Business interruption insurance is intended to provide protection for the lost revenue and continuing expenses that are incurred when a business is forced to temporarily cease operations as a result of property damage. The financial impact of your business interruption can reach far beyond lost earnings during downtime and the cost of repairs. Property Loss Advisors will work diligently to get you a fair and equitable settlement as soon as possible ensuring that your business returns to normal operations quickly and efficiently.

There are many types of business interruption coverage with their attached endorsements often underwritten based on a business’s operational category. Property Loss Advisors will conduct a thorough review of your policy and will advise and assist you regarding your coverage limits, applicable deductibles which is often a time deductible when referencing a business interruption loss, any exclusions of coverage and most importantly explain to you, the insured, in easy-to-understand terminology what is covered and what is not.

Determining the amount to claim in a business interruption loss is complex. It involves determining what your business would have earned had the loss not occurred, while taking into account how future business plans and market trends would have impacted your revenue. Insurance companies take into account past tax returns, profit and loss statements, projected sales, continuing expenses and other financial and operating data when taking into account the true depth of loss.

Our adjusters work with your insurance company to define how your loss is calculated, so you can rest assure that the claim when submitted has a voice to MAXIMIZE your loss. Throughout the entire process, we aggressively represent you, helping you to minimize your losses while helping you get back to doing what you do best, operating your business.

Claims Process

Property Loss Advisors professionals are your insurance advocate. We will assess, address, defend, negotiate & settle your claim so you can get back to business as usual.

Our experienced professionals have been through the insurance claims process thousands of times. This experience enables us to both expedite the proper process and get you the insurance settlement you are due. We anticipate the insurance company’s needs and hold them accountable for your insurance claim. Here is what you can expect during the insurance claims process when the Property Loss Advisors works for you.


Expediting Settlements

We know how to deal with the common delays and tactics of insurance companies, and how to expedite the payments related to your business loss. We don’t settle until you are are satisfied and treated fairly! We are with you and you will have our team by your side, all the way!


Forensic Accounting & Expert Reporting

We employ best-in-class methods to accurately report your losses, backed and certified by industry professionals recognized by insurance companies.

How it Works?

We begin the investigation of your insurance claim with a detailed review of your policy declaration and all its supporting endorsements. This allows us to determine applicable coverage, limits and exclusions. Keep in mind it is not unusual for insurance policies to differ from current state laws; therefore, we also analyze a variety of other resources to help maximize your insurance claim, such as local laws and ordinances pertaining to construction. We also look at decisions from the Insurance Commissioner’s office, industry articles and recent case history to determine whether current adjusting practices and procedures differ from your policy.

Documentation of your Insurance Claim

Every insurance policy includes a provision titled, “Your Duties After a Loss.” In order to document and file an insurance claim, the insured is required to fulfill these duties. Property Loss Advisors will advise and assist you ensuring you meet these requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

  • A detailed estimate supporting our scope of damage and engineering documents if needed
  • Detailed and verified inventory and content list with valuation and supporting documentation
  • Required technical and supporting documentation for positions taken in the claim
  • A detailed accounting of your actual and forecasted lost revenue and continuing expenses

Presentation of the Insurance Claim

After documenting your insurance claim, we prepare a schedule of losses that is reviewed by our staff. The insurance claim is then separated into the appropriate policy categories. We meet with you to go over the claim in detail and answer any questions you have. Following your approval, we submit the claim to the insurance company.

Negotiations and settlement

The final phase of the claims process may include clarification requests from the insurance company and negotiations. Property Loss Advisors minimizes your involvement with these requests while justifying the value and urgency of your claim. We also initiate status updates keeping you informed of all negotiations and traction your claim gains as we move closer to settlement. We will not settle your loss without your consent.

Estimating & Inspections

Our highly trained and expert inspectors and estimators use sophisticated software combined with industry experience to estimate the full legal value of your loss.


Property Loss Advisors professionals have significant experience adjusting claims with any numbers of perils listed below. Depending on the type of damage or combination of types of damage, the insured must prove the damage and circumstances to the insurance company. Property Loss Advisors team of professionals have experience in each specific type of loss. Our experience and expertise in each area allows us to manage your claim, assist in mitigating damages, and professionally documenting and presenting your claim to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Policy Review & 
Property Inspection

Reading and understanding an insurance policy is very challenging. Our policy review department thoroughly reviews your insurance policies to make sure you have the right type of coverage for your asset. Our professionals also inspect your property with trained eyes and specialty equipment to identify areas of damage that may otherwise be overseen.

Property Loss Advisors, Inc. 

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Negotiating Claims

We tirelessly fight to get you the full value according to the actual limits within your policy. We ensure your business is not left uncompensated and distressed by diminutive insurance company estimates and "quick settlements."

Filing Claims

We prepare your claim and submit the filings with your insurance company and professionally present your claim. This can be a lengthy and complex process which we handle from beginning to end. We manage all the communication, so you can focus on your business.