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Property Loss Advisors Inc. delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

No money out of pocket

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Our team specializes in recovering all that you deserve. You’ve invested too much time and energy into your properties for an accident or disaster to ruin your future.

Our services are completely contingent on you receiving the best compensation possible. We don’t get paid until a final settlement is reached.

Protect Your Investment

Peace of Mind

Total Money Recovered for Clients: $32,482,964 

since 2016

Updated: 9/19/23


Property Loss Advisors, Inc. 

Licensed Public Adjusters

NJ, PA, NY, CT, VT, FL, TX, NC, SC, GA, RI, DE, MD, CA, MO, IN, KS, IA, KY, TN, LA, OK, NE, CO and CA

  • Policy Review & Property                      Inspection
  • Filing Claims
  • Estimating & Inspections
  • Forensic Accounting &                Expert Reporting
  • Negotiating Claims
  • Expediting Settlements

We’re not simply your last resort when you exhaust all other options, we’re the professional prizefighter in your corner—ready to fight and handle the details for you.

We provide a free property inspection and insurance policy review to discover any hidden hazards or gaps in coverage. Leverage our insurance expertise and deep desire to see your business succeed.

Before You Have A Crisis
Don’t wait. You can truly leverage our expertise by setting up a free insurance policy review and property inspection today! We will comb through your policy to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage and to recommend any additional riders or add-on policy coverages

We do not provide these options. Our goal is to keep your investment protected, and to smooth your claims process in the event an accident or crisis occurs.

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